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Foster Care and Adoption

Passion for Families recruits and trains couples and singles to provide temporary and permanent homes to children in care. We are looking for passionate individuals who have a heart for children and want to make a difference in their lives. Often times when children come into care they need a temporary home until they are able to return home to their biological family. In some cases children are unable to go home and are “legally” available for adoption. Passion for Families works with families that would like to provide a temporary home as well as families that are interested in providing a permanent home for children in need.

Kinship Foster Care

Kinship care refers to the care of children by relatives, close family and friends (also referred to as fictive kin). Relatives are the preferred resource for children who must be removed from their birth parents because it maintains the children’s connection with their families. Kinship care is often considered a type of family preservation service.

Passion for Families is committed to helping relatives, close family members and friends who have taken in children to maintain family connections. As an agency we work to equip these families with the proper tools and resources to ensure the best possible outcome for children in their care. Kinship foster families are eligible for monthly assistance to assist in meeting the needs of the children in their home.

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